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The Killearn Courier is a full-colour community magazine published three times a year, in March, August, and November. It is distributed free to every household in the Killearn Community Council area. Extra copies can be purchased for £1 from the Co-op or the honesty box in Killearn Village Hall.

The Courier is produced by volunteer members of KCFC, and the printing cost is entirely met from advertising, so please support our advertisers.

If you live out of the Killearn area you can set up a subscription. Use our form to give your name and address and we will tell you the current cost.

The Courier is produced by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, who sell advertising, solicit and write articles, seek out photographs and lay-out the magazine for printing.

We cannot do anything without your help so we welcome your  contributions, photographs, letters, etc. If you are interested in any aspect of magazine production, we welcome new volunteers.

The Courier takes its responsibilities to children, young people and vulnerable adults very seriously and has adopted a formal editorial policy which you can read here.

If you wish to contact every household in the area, we welcome your advertising. It is your advertising that supports the magazine, without that income we would be unable to continue. So why not help your business and help the community at the same time.

To send us your contributions, to volunteer, book advertising space or find out our advertising rates and details, please use our form.

You may view or down load the current and previous editions by clicking the date in the archive on the left. The recent editions are quite large files and will take between 50 and 100 seconds for a 1Mbps connection.

Each edition is a low-resolution Adobe Reader© file. You are welcome to save it to your computer.

Please use our form to tell us if you are unable to download an issue.

The contents are copyright, so please contact us if you wish to reprint any article or photograph.


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Spring 2005

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Spring 2014

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Summer 2005

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Summer 2014

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Winter 2005

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Winter 2014

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Spring 2006

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Spring 2015

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Winter 2006

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Winter 2015

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 Winter 2007

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Winter 2016

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Winter 2008

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Winter 2009

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Winter 2012

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Winter 2021

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Spring 2022

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Summer 2022

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Winter 2013