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Killearn Glen is an important area of public woodland which was passed into Stirling Council’s ownership by the Gordon Trust in 1980 with the condition that public access would be maintained to the site in perpetuity. The site is managed by Stirling Council’s Land Management Team.

In January 2016 KCFC secured a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to fund a Project entitled ‘Killearn Glen - Rediscovering the Community’s Lost Landscape’. The Project, a partnership with Stirling Council, Green Aspirations Scotland CIC and KCFC was created to investigate the natural heritage of the whole of the area of Killearn Glen owned by Stirling Council. The Project covered the archaeological evidence of historic human management of the Glen’s natural resources and ‘the Place of Killearn’, its formal gardens, planted and natural woodland. An interest initiated by earlier work led by Stirling Council’s archaeologist, Murray Cook.

The Project included commissioning a number of surveys and a key requirement was that volunteers from the community would be closely involved with the survey work. Archaeological consultants were contracted to provide the required professional direction and skills training.

The consultants, Northlight Heritage and Dendrochronical, with the enthusiastic help of local community volunteers completed the survey during summer 2016. Their findings, a fascinating assessment of the archaeological and historic woodland assets surviving within Killearn, are published in the report Killearn Glen Heritage Project. The community’s participation and interest were reinforced by Green Aspirations who organised, in parallel with the archaeological surveys, a series of traditional woodland skills, woodworking, tree and bug identification activities suitable for all ages.

Stirling Council also commissioned Iona Hyde, an arboricultural and environmental consultant to complete a survey of the Glen’s current woodland asset. Her report, a Woodland Management Plan for Killearn Glen, is complementary to the Heritage Report and can be read in conjunction with it.

If you have any interest in the Glen, its history, its archaeology, its flora and fauna then both reports will merit reading. Just click on the links to read or download the reports. They are in Adobe PDF format.

If you have any comments about either report, or wish to add your own thoughts about Killearn Glen then the company would be pleased to hear from you. You may use our form, email us or write to us at the address above.

Green Aspirations will be running a number of events in the Glen. Information about them will appear on our News Page